Welcome to SPINEFIT MEDICAL Pvt Ltd, where health and innovation converge to redefine the landscape of spinal care. Established with a vision to revolutionize healthcare, we stand as a beacon of excellence with a team led by 27 accomplished medical doctors.

SPINE FIT MEDICAL is a company specializing in massage & Physiotherapy instrument loved by the people around the world with the high-technology and customer-oriented experiment marketing and warm customer service like the mind of our mother. Since its establishment in 2010 , the company has made astonishing growth rate in many Field In South Korea. It has been ranked as the number one company who has exported the most Massage heating products for home use for 4 consecutive years. SPINE FIT MEDICAL is committed to practice the spirit of health, love and service and diverse social contribution service to contribute to the health of human through its Best Houses around the world with its value-striving product and service for customer satisfaction.

SPINE FIT MEDICAL has remarkable outcome to structure the sales network around the world over 1800 SPINE FIT MEDICAL Houses in only 8 years of its establishment, beginning with Korea , China , Vietnam and expanding to more than 120 countries including major countries like US, Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Paraguay and others. SPINE FIT MEDICAL is totally work pattern of LOVE, with the mission and final goal of SPINE FIT MEDICAL is to make all the people around the world healthy.


Spine Fit Medical has concentrated on the research and development to attain a unique technology for a competitive advantage and created a new market. Spine Fit Medical, as a leading company in the thermal massager industry in Korea, has been recognized for new technology and the world best product domestically and internationally. Especially, Spine Fit Medical R&D Center has been taking a core role in creating a new market with a competitive advantage through the continuous technology innovation since its establishment on Aug19, 2010.
  • Premium-quality, industry-approved products based on Korean Jade Thermal Massage

  • Years of domain expertise in Korean Jade Thermal Massage Bed

  • A strong word of mouth established through dedicated service and value-transfer to our wellness customers

  • Authorized vendors with Highest Quality Control

Spinefit Medical Health Values

We will deliver innovative and advanced fitness and lifestyle products; our friendly and experienced staff will support you in your commitment to intensifying the quality of your life.

Our vision is to be the pre-eminent medically-based health and wellness facility providing advanced, collaborative programming centered on the entire-health and well-being of our community and our atmosphere. We will be known for a prodigious member experience, with the highest quality fitness services.

• We are devoted to improving the health and well-being of the customer we serve
• We value our customer
• We value our financial integrity
• We value our community partnerships
• We integrate with each client’s unique culture